Google’s popular messaging app, Hangouts to shut down for users by 2020.

Google will shut its popular Hangouts service for consumers by 2020, 9to5Google has reported, citing sources aware of the product’s roadmap.

Hangouts was launched as a replacement for Gchat in 2013 by the tech titan but has been losing features in recent years as the company has stopped updating the app and taken away SMS messaging.

However, Hangouts still is a prominent chat possibility in Gmail on the web and the app also exists on the Google Play Store.

Google Hangouts, Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a communication platform developed by the company which includes messaging, video chat, SMS and vox internet Protocol (VOIP) features.

“Last spring Google announced its pivot for the Hangouts complete to enterprise use cases with Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet, so the writing has been on the wall for quite some time concerning the Hangouts consumer app’s demise,” Google reported late on Friday.

Many reviews reportedly say that the Hangouts app is showing signs of age, bugs as well as performance issues.

Moreover, Google introduced its Allo and duo services as simple-to-use instant messaging apps as brand new products, thus, converting Hangouts into a business group or collaboration communication service. 

“As mentioned, Hangouts as a brand can live on with G Suite’s Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet, the formerintended to be a team communication app comparable to Slack, and also the latter a video meetings platform,” the report added.

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